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For New Neighbors

Welcome to Riverview Estates!  We are a community of single family homes, townhomes and Active Adult homes.  Our community is governed by our Homeowners Association.  See the links below for information that might be relevant to you as a new or prospective homeowner.
Contact our coordinator at coordinator@riverviewhoa.com  with any questions or concerns.
HOA Community Meetings are held yearly. Check the website for updates.  Website access is provided to homeowners only.  Click on the upper left corner of the homepage to request access.
There is one Main Association which governs the community and manages the clubhouse area.  There are also three sub-associations with varying roles and responsibilities: West, Townhome and Active Adult.  Please be sure to understand which you belong to as you discuss your home build or purchase.  Separate dues is required for both Main and sub-associations.  You will receive separate bills from both.
Rules and Regulations are enforced within the community.  Please review in detail and read the documents found under GOVERNANCE to understand community standards.  Upon purchase, all homeowners are bound by the rules of the Riverview Declaration.
Note that approvals are required for external changes to the home including but limited to landscaping, sheds, decks, fences, shutters, doors, and garage doors.  All children's play sets must be of natural materials or earthen tones, or shielded from view.  Please provide this form to Coordinator@riverviewhoa.com for review and approval.  Modifications CANNOT be made until approval has been received.  Violators are subject to fines and/or removal of non-conforming additions.
Commercial vehicles are not allowed within Riverview.  See the Declaration for further detail. 
The recreation area in the community has a clubhouse, pool, play area, picnic pavilion, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts.  It is located at 955 Ramblewood Drive.  The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to mid September; 9 am to 9 pm daily.  To access some of the areas you will need to pick up a key fob for door access.  Contact our Coordinator@riverviewhoa.com to make arrangements.  Note that fobs are issued only after closing documents have been finalized, dues are current and paperwork completed.  Click here for the form .
Forks Township Information:  www.forkstownship.org
Moving permits are required
Trash and recycling cans can be picked up from public works
Main Association Rules and Regulations
All homeowners must keep a copy of the Rules and Regulations for reference in addition to the 
Master Declaration.
1. Homeowners must obey all local laws, insurance stipulations, and rules within the declaration.
2. No improvements, including but not limited to decks, fences, patios, sheds, addition and removal of landscaping, entry doors,
garage doors, shutters, and walkways, are to be made by any homeowner without prior authorization from the Riverview
Development Review Committee (RDRC).
3. Homeowners must keep their homes and lots in good repair and upkeep.  
4. Homes are only to be used as single‐family homes.  
5. No sound that is unreasonably loud or annoying, and no odor shall be emitted from any part of a lot or unit.
6. Construction activities are restricted to the following hours:
Weekdays: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturdays and National Holidays: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sundays: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. 
Homeowners are responsible for informing hired contractors of these rules and ensuring adherence.
7. Lawn maintenance which requires gas powered equipment may not commence before 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
8. Music from gatherings and parties must be lowered to an acceptable level by 10 p.m. 
9. No explosives or hazardous materials, with the exclusion of gasoline (10 gallons or less), are to be permitted on any lot or unit.  
10. Explosives may not be released on any lot, unit, or elsewhere in the development.
11. No exterior fires are allowed, except where contained in a manufactured barbeque or heating unit, and attended.  
12. The discharge of any firearms is prohibited. 
13. Recreational or maintenance equipment, e.g., skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks, snow throwers, and garden equipment, must be
stored in an enclosed structure or in an area screened from neighbors when not in use.  
14. No laundry or wash may be dried or hung outside except when screened from view.
15. No garbage, trash, shrub or tree clippings can be kept, maintained or allowed to accumulate, except temporarily within an enclosed
structure or screened area.  
16. Garbage bins and materials for trash may be placed next to the curb for garbage collection.  Except on collection day, receptacles
must not be visible from another lot, unit or master common areas.  
17. Vehicle Parking, Storage, Operation and Repair:
a. Permitted (apart from not permitted)
i. Passenger automobiles
ii. 1 ton or smaller pickup trucks
iii. Any vehicles parked out of sight, i.e., fully enclosed in a garage
b. Not Permitted
i. Boats, trailers, buses, campers, motor homes, snowmobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, golf cars,
industrial, or commercial vehicles.
1. Recreational vehicles is defined as any vehicle not used on a regular basis, or in frequency. 
2. Commercial vehicles are defined as a vehicle that is a) used full time to transport goods or passengers for
compensation, b) owned by a company or business, c) used to haul hazardous materials, d) permanently
affixed with a company logo or slogan, and/or e) equipped with onboard or built in devices or hardware
that are designed to provide maintenance, installation or repair services
ii. Any vehicle that is abandoned, not in working order, or not in current title, registration, or inspection
c. No vehicle can be maintained, repaired, repainted, serviced, rebuilt or restored on any lot or unit except when completely
enclosed in a garage and screened from sight and sound.  
d. Parking
i. Permitted vehicles are allowed on public streets except in areas prohibited by signage.  
ii. No vehicles are allowed on private streets.
iii. No vehicles are allowed on lawns.
iv. Under no circumstances shall a permitted vehicle be parked on anything other than a driveway or a public street.  
v. Commercial vehicles may be temporarily parked on driveways on lots or units or on public streets for loading,
delivery and emergency purposes, but only for the time required to accomplish such purpose, and as necessary
for the construction or maintenance of improvements within the development.
vi. No more than one recreational vehicle (boats, trailers, buses, motor homes, campers, motorcycles, snowmobiles,
recreational vehicles, golf cars, industrial or commercial vehicles, abandoned or inoperable vehicles, or any
similar vehicle) may be parked outside on a driveway, but for no more than 96 hours at a time.
18. Animals
a. An owner is allowed a reasonable number of pets.
b. Owners are not allowed to raise animals for commercial purposes.
c. Each owner is responsible for their pets and any issue that may result from their pets.
19. Satellite dishes are permissible within the limit that they are in an approved location, and less than 24” in diameter.  Location must
be approved by the RDRC.
20. Fencing
a. Fencing is permitted with approval of the Riverview Development Review Committee (RDRC)
i. Must be of natural materials, aluminum or wrought iron (vinyl is not allowed)
ii. Not more than 4’ in height
iii. Fences erected without RDRC approval will be subject to fines and/or removal 
iv. All fences not in compliance, with a variance, must be removed before resale
21. Landscaping
a. All landscaping within the property boundaries of a homeowner must be maintained to the standards of the community.
b. Bushes and modifications
i. Bushes and general vegetation may be replaced, as they existed upon the initial landscaping plan, if needed. 
ii. Any new plantings or layouts must be approved by the RDRC.
iii. Any Landscaping may not encroach on a neighboring lot which includes vegetation and all fixtures, permanent
and removable.
22. Only non‐permanent fixtures such as basketball nets, lacrosse goals, soccer goals, baseball nets, etc. are permitted. All of these
fixtures must be able to be removed at will.  Equipment must be removed when not in use. 
23. Children’s recreational equipment, such as swing sets, slides, and trampolines, need not be screened if constructed of natural
materials or earthen tones.  If not of natural materials or earthen tones, equipment must be screened from the view of other lots,
bike paths, common areas and the golf land with shrubbery, trees or similar means.
24. Pools, Spas, and related equipment
a. Pools must be in‐ground. No above‐ground pools are permitted.
b. Pools must be fenced in, and follow all local and HOA ordinances.
c. Spas and related equipment must be fenced or screened.
25. Signage
a. Permissible
i. One For Sale or For Rent sign. 
ii. Two Private Property, Private Residence, and/or No Trespassing signs on each boundary of a lot or unit that abuts
on property that is used by the general public (like a sidewalk or bike path).  
iii. Signs posted by the builder or Homeowners Association.
b. Not Permissible
i. Advertisements
ii. Business
iii. Personal displays
iv. Political
26. Owners are required to immediately notify the Treasurer at treasurer@riverviewhoa.com of any impending sale or lease of a home or unit.
27. Leases
a. Current executed lease must be provided to the Property Manager.
b. Lease must be for entire property.  Portions of homes are not permitted to be rented within the community.
c. Lessees must be given a copy of the Declarant, Rules and Regulations, and any other pertinent paperwork. 
d. Lessees are subject to the rules within the Declaration.
e. Notification must be provided designating either the lessor or lessee access to the clubhouse and pool.  Access will only be
provided to one party; not both.
f. Owner is ultimately responsible for the upkeep of the lot and unit.
28. Right of Entry
a. Any member of the RDRC has the right to enter upon any lot or unit, and the improvements on the property to inspect for
compliance; with the exception being interior portions of any occupied residence.
29. Any unit owner is responsible for damages caused to any other area in the Planned Residential Development (PRD) that was caused
by them or their guests.
30. Clubhouse, Pool and Recreational Area
a. Residents who are current on their dues and in compliance with HOA standards may use the clubhouse and surrounding
amenities.  The Clubhouse, Pool and Recreational Access Form is required by each homeowner to receive a key fob.   See
Pool/Clubhouse Info on the website for more information.  
31. Late Fee
a. Late fees are assessed 15 days after the due date.
b. Initial late fees start at $50.
c. Additional late fees of 1.00% to 1.75% per month as well as $1.50 for processing fee will accrue on any assessment balance owed until the full balance is paid off.
d. Unpaid assessments may result in a lien and/or foreclosure.
Anything considered unlawful in this document does not deem the rest of the document illegal or unlawful.
For more information, visit www.riverviewhoa.com